A studio recording of twelve of their collaboratively-written pieces, with June Jordan’s own irreplaceable voice and Torf’s keyboard playing. With vocal solos by Rhiannon, Cris Williamson, Andre dos Santos Morgan and Jeanie Tracy; and Ray Obiedo (guitar), Jan Martinelli (bass) and Tom Miller (drums, percussion, steel drums).

The collaboration of renowned poet and essayist June Jordan and composer and pianist Adrienne Torf produced a rich body of work, including Bang Bang Uber Alles, a full-length stage musical; Freedom Now Suite, a tribute to Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., commissioned for the first NYC celebration of King’s birthday as a national holiday; and dozens of pieces which they performed as a duo in poetry venues and on campuses across the country. “The lilt tinged voice of poet June Jordan is heard over the rolling arpeggios of Adrienne Torf’s piano: “The King is marching through the Mississippi mud…” And so begins the seamless and stunning assemblage of poetry and musical compositions, written and performed over the last twenty years…June Jordan, Adrienne Torf and their incredible ensemble have given us the poetic/musical pulse of a world in critical condition. But the sounds passed on to us have the sustaining faith that through ‘collaboration’ we stand the best chance of making a jubilation out of all this jeopardy.” (from the liner notes by writer and poet Wesley Brown)